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So we’re still in lockdown. You’ve completed your Netflix list, home schooling (for some) which has taken a turn for the worse and you’re tired of talking about the news!

We know you’re already spending a lot of time in the house but there are definitely still lots of things you can do together to break up the monotony!

We’ve put together a list of activities you can do at home with the kids, the other half, the housemates – or just yourself, to wile away a couple of hours! 

First and foremost we have…

Forgotten Rabbit Coaster / Trinket Tray making kit. (Ours of course)

You can channel your inner ‘creative’ with our kit, whether it be making some crazy coloured terrazzo coasters to brighten up your desk or some muted colours to compliment the decor in the front room, the choice is yours! 

The products used to make the coasters is Eco-friendly and solvent free so safe for everyone to use.

Candle Making

There are a lot of kits out there at the moment, and i’ve heard from some of our maker friends that wax is a wanted comodity at the moment!! 

Home kits will contain everything you need to make your own candle at home, usually with soy wax which is we believe to be the best/ eco-friendly option. 

Beauty Spa /Salons

Many salons have taken to sharing a few beauty tips and tricks so that you can  recreate a day at the salon (we’re all missing it- admit it)

There are plenty of hints and tips from creating your own beauty masks to tutorials of how to take off your gel nails and keep your nails looking fresh, So perhaps get your SPA on for valentines day or take a little me time (we all to take a solo time break to clear the mind.)


Now we must confess that the last time we did this was as children (taught by my Grandmother) so opted for the already made option.. (concrete and resin are our thing)

However for those of you looking at making your own dreamcatcher, hanging planters or other wallhanging decorations – there are kits a-plenty.

We aren’t affiliated with any companies with regards to our suggestions but we’re based in South Manchester and our ethos is ‘buy local’ 😉

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