Valentine Gifts for Her

It’s nearly here fellas. And we bet you still haven’t done anything about it have you? Valentines Day.

It’s that time of year. You know the one. And it seems to be starting earlier than ever. The time when shops put diamonds in their window displays, ridiculously priced boots on their web pages, and when buying lacy underwear is suddenly seen as a selfish, thoughtless gift from boyfriends everywhere.

In previous years you might have got away with lace. But women don’t want lace. Not this year.  You reckon that, after several months of lockdown and stress-eating custard creams, women want to parade around the living room they’ve spent day after day in, in the wrong-sized thong?  Nope.

You need to up your game this year gents. But fear not, good men of the world, we’re here to help…

Here’s a selection of gifts we know women will like (from asking one or two of them – after that, the list just gets longer and longer and longer and longer…)


If you don’t do the traditional (we don’t) then how about one of our saucy shelf art busts – guaranteed to put a splash of colour in to any room in your house or office.  You might even take inspiration and experiment with a little body painting yourselves 😉

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